Parts for Oil and gas sector (American Certified items), Excavators, Final Drive and Forklifts
Travel Motor, Swing Motor,Hydraulic Pump ,Cabin,Swing Bearing ,etc.


Food stuff

All canned and bottled food and beverages, and food grains, cereals and much more can be supplied at shortest notice.

Building materials

Construction related materials like, Lumber, Steel, Cement, Tiles, Grid, Metals(as per size), Props, Scaffolding, Paints, Water proofing compounds, etc.,


All stationery items required for day to day office use vis-à-vis, Paper reams, Writing materials, Files, and various other related items.

Disposable materials

Tissues, Scrubs, Gloves, Dusters, etc.,

Oil field & Industrial supplies

This is one area where we can offer comprehensive supplies to the Petrochemical sector as well several process and manufacturing industries. Products ranging from Pumps, Motors, Gears, Meters, Actuators, Valves, PLC’s, flow meters, Pressure meters, Indicators, Heavy duty cables, Gaskets, Oil seals, Bearings, Safety wear, etc.,


Civil, mechanical, electrical contracts

We are equipped to mobilize qualified and skilled tradesmen and unskilled labor including, Tools and Tackles and Equipment, as required for any of the aforementioned contracts. We have skilled personnel to undertake such projects from time to time.

Manpower Service

We can supply manpower across all disciplines for any/all Electro-Mechanical and Civil Contracts. Manpower can be provided at short notice as well.



Redcap Est. is broadly divided into three key activities, Trading, Contracting, Maintenance and Services.

Looking for a greats Trading, Contracting, Service, Maintenance.

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